Is your OpenCart online store protected?

OpenCart Security Best Practices Do you use OpenCart to run your online store? OpenCart is rapidly growing in popularity, which makes it a more appealing target for hackers and data thieves. We’ve put together four important steps you can (and should!) take to make your OpenCart store more secure. Read our article, OpenCart Security Best […]

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How Secure is your Magento Store?

Magento is one of the most widely acclaimed and used e-commerce store management platforms in the world. Unfortunately, this also makes it one of the most targeted platforms by hackers interested in stealing customer data, perpetrating identify theft, defacing a site and many other types of fraud. For this reason, we are pleased to present […]

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Another Day, Another Data Breach

Well, looks like no one is safe! Four million (yep, that’s a 4 followed by 6 ohhhs) current and former government employees were notified that their private information had been stolen in probably the worst data breach we’ve seen so far. An unknown hacker group broke to the one of the most secure computer systems […]

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They’re heeeeere! Hackers are already inside.

I’m just gonna go ahead and put it out there. With today’s technologies in operating systems, networking protocols, user experience and the mobility expansion, we’ll never be safe! It is time that organizations of every size start focusing on what to do after they’ve been hacked, and how to limit the attack expansion, rather than thinking that […]

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Training and Testing Environments, Keep it Real!

First, what are testing and training environments? A testing environment is a setup of the software and hardware (physical or virtual) on which the testing team is going to test the newly developed software or software updates. A training environment is often a “small” replica of the production environment, in which employees are being trained on new […]

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The Lack of Database Encryption Efficiency

Each time people use the sequence of words: “Database Encryption” it provides them with some sort of false tranquility. A famous CISO of a large company said the following to me two months ago. “Ohhh, I use database encryption, I don’t see any added value in a database security solution”. Database encryption, all started: many many […]

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