Updating the guidelines for preventing SQLi attacks

Are you following the same guidelines and measures for SQL injection prevention that have the norm for the past decade? If those guidelines were so great, we wouldn’t have seen breaches in 2014 at Adobe, NASA, Yahoo, Living Social, Domino’s Pizza, the FBI, LinkedIn Sony Pictures, Diners Club, Nokia, NASDAQ, Wetseal, and JC Penny… the [...]

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Must-have checklist for SQL Server Security on AWS

If you’re jumping on the bandwagon and moving to the cloud with AWS, you’ll love our easy-to-use checklist for AWS security. We’ve put together a comprehensive list so that anyone implementing SQL server on AWS can take care of all the areas of security for cloud-based databases.   As we’ve mentioned before in our blog, [...]

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Top 6 things every database security solution should include

You know it’s important, but when looking at database security, what are the essentials? In this post, we’ll look at the 6 must-have elements of database protection.   Compliance: Monitoring and Auditing   Let’s be honest about compliance. Compliance is important, and many of the compliance regulations relate to real problems that every enterprise needs [...]

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AWS Security: It’s as easy as … choosing from 200 flavors

It seemed so easy… launch your enterprise cloud solution on AWS and get all the security from the easy-to-use one-click AWS marketplace.   Ouch! There are 200 different security solutions listed in the marketplace. And they are listed in a completely arbitrary order. How can you possibly figure it out?   Don’t worry, we’ve got [...]

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Cloud Security GreenSQL Database

We’ve joined The Cloud Security Alliance

GreenSQL has recently become a member of The Cloud Security Alliance. For those of you who may not be familiar, the Cloud Security Alliance (aka CSA) is a non-profit organisation which helps promote the use of security best practices in Cloud Computing, and provides education on the uses of Cloud Computing to help secure other [...]

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