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GreenSQL in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Data Masking Technology

Database Security Software & Solutions

GreenSQL offers a unified, ready-to-use database security solution for all organizations. Easy to install, use and maintain, GreenSQL provides a variety of security features, either separate or in a complete package:  

All in one product that addresses today’s acute database security needs. 

GreenSQL is located at the front end of the database, inspecting all access, including queries and database responses. This ensures complete coverage for securing, monitoring and masking of sensitive information stored in databases.

Supported platforms

Supported Platforms

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"We decided to go with GreenSQL BECAUSE IT'S SIMPLE."
Roman J.12.12.2012



GreenSQL sponsors the OWASP LA Monthly meeting. GreenSQL CTO, David Maman, speaks on the subject of WAF Isn't Enough.


Protecting your Databases from Insider Attacks: Dynamic Data Masking in Real Time