Dynamic Data Masking

Hides Sensitive Data from Unauthorized Access
GreenSQL real-time Dynamic Data Masking enables organizationas to mask or randomize any sensitive and personally identifiable information (PII) accessed from application screens, reports, development and DBA tools, by dynamically masking information based on easy-to-use masking policies. Most importantly, no changes are required at the database or the application layer.
Masks data in real time
Hides Personally Identifiable Information
Implements column-based masking
Developers' best choice
Easy to install, use and maintain

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How Can GreenSQL Dynamic Data Masking Help?

GreenSQL Dynamic Data Masking provides Real-time Dynamic Data Masking for confidential information. It enables masking or randomization of any sensitive and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) accessed from application screens, reports, development and DBA tools. Data is dynamically masked based on easy-to-use masking policies. Most importantly, no changes are required at the database or application layers. 

Key Benefits
  • Dynamic masking of PII in all MySQL and MS SQL production and non-production databases, including databases in the cloud such as Amazon RDS for MySQL,  SQL Server and WIndows Azure SQL database
  • Customized, consistent security policy to suit business and regulatory needs in all environments
  • Real-time security enforcement on incoming SQL statements before they can attack databases
  • Quick, easy, low-cost compliance with PCI DSS regulation 3.3 and other similar regulations that require masking of sensitive data 
  • Simple centralized interface for defining security policies and masking
  • Support for internal and external users (employees, service centers, software) across every platform (intranet, extranet, cloud)
  • No changes to existing applications or databases
  • Quick and easy production of new reports and applications
System Requirements
Supported Databases for GreenSQL
Microsoft SQL 2005 and higher on any supported Windows platform
Microsoft SQL Azure
MySQL 5.1, 5.5 and 5.6 on Linux
Amazon RDS 
Supported Operating Systems for GreenSQL
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 with Service Pack 2 (SP2) or higher 64 bitWindows 2003 Server (Service Pack 2 or above)
Ubuntu 9.04 and above
CentOS 5.4
Debian 6.0.4
Supported Browsers:
Supported Browsers for GreenSQL
Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and above
Mozilla Firefox 3.5 and above
Google Chrome 7 and above
Supported Databases for GreenSQL
Internet access (for faster activation process)
GreenSQL minimum hardware and software requirements
At least 2 gigahertz (GHz) or faster(x86)64-bit (x64) processor
At least 2 gigabyte (GB) of RAM
At least 1 gigabyte (GB) available hard disk space
Technical Features

Policy-driven separation of duties. Policy-based masking ensures that sensitive and personal identifiable information accessed from application screens, packaged reports, development and DBA tools is masked based on a user’s security credentials. For example, the following table illustrates which sensitive elements might be masked based on the function of the viewer:

  • DBA: salaries and credit cards 
  • Outside contract employees: customer names
  • Developers: customer PII
Customized. It's easy to tailor the security policy to meet specific regulatory or business requirements. Differentiated levels of access can be granted to application users based on their business roles, whether those users are internal employees, such as human resources personnel, or are part of an external workforce, such as customer service staff in a call center. 

Flexible. Masking policies can be defined per column, per source IP, per user or per application. It's possible to choose the masking policy to suit the context and authority of the user.

Consistent Across Platforms. Applying dynamic masking based on security policy provides security consistency across multiple platforms and applications. The proliferation of devices that can access data through the web or cellular networks makes this feature increasingly crucial.

Efficient. Changes in policy require absolutely no changes to application sourcecode or to databases. GreenSQL masking supports legacy applications as easily as ones that were coded yesterday. Security masking is defined once—for all uses, across all platforms. The same database can even be used in both production and development environments.

 Easy to install, use and manage. Since GreenSQL does not encroach on the database, there is no need to make changes in database architecture. GreenSQL automatically detects the database and applications environment, including application names, user name and users' IP addresses. Once install GreenSQL is installed, its firewall automatically protects against SQL injections. A single, easy-to-use management interface allows monitoring and management of data security in real time.

Protects MS SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL databases. Web applications using MS SQL Server and MySQL databases will withstand malicious attacks.

Protects Databases in the Cloud. GreenSQL protects Windows Azure SQL Database and Amazon RDS for MySQL and SQL Server.