About Us

Our mission is to help any company to smartly and easily protect their sensitive data from today’s challenging information security threats, providing them with a unique blend of innovative and comprehensive database security solutions custom tailored to their needs and challenges. 

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Simple Database Security for All Businesses

We believe that any company with a database, anywhere, no matter its size or resources, should be able to easily and affordably protect itself from any external or internal database threat. We therefore create innovative, easy-to-manage, affordable database security solutions that are always one step ahead of threats. 

GreenSQL’s unified software solution provides database security, Database Activity Monitoring (DAM), and dynamic data masking in one product that addresses today’s database security needs for all organizations. GreenSQL is easy to install and manage, competitively priced, and can be up and running in your organization in a matter of hours. As the leader of the largest community of database administrators, we ensure that our solutions are always suited and updated for the latest market needs. GreenSQL supports Microsoft® Azure™, SQL Server®, MySQL®, Amazon RDS and Maria DB database applications.

GreenSQL is the world’s #1 installed database security solution

With over 150,000 downloads worldwide, GreenSQL solutions secure thousands of databases in the gaming, education, healthcare, governmental, financial and SaaS industries.

The Need

Information is critical to all organizations. In many organizations, data is their main asset. Forrester estimates the current database market to be $32 billion and likely to grow to $36 billion by 2014. According to research by the United States FBI, organized data theft is a larger criminal industry than the illegal drug trade. A data-breach study by Verizon Business Services in 2012 revealed that database servers accounted for 96% of the source of all records breached, while other devices such as laptops and USB drives accounted for 0.01%. Today’s businesses are experiencing database breaches from both internal and external sources.


In one unified software solution, GreenSQL includes a rich collection of security modules for database administrators. From the basic package, it’s simple to upgrade and add modules according to each organization’s requirements. GreenSQL solutions provide protection from internal and external threats in real time, while demonstrating security compliance. GreenSQL solutions are easy to deploy and maintain.

GreenSQL Database Security Solutions

  • Database Security: Ready-to-use database security.
  • Database Activity Monitoring: Monitors and audits database activity and creates alerts in real time.
  • Dynamic Data Masking: Hides sensitive database records from exposure to unauthorized parties.
  • Unified Database Security: All-in-one database security.

About GreenSQL

Founded in 2009, GreenSQL (http://www.greensql.com) provides unified database security and compliance solutions for enterprises running their databases on premises or in the cloud. The company’s all-in-one approach to database security helps organizations by protecting databases from SQL injection attacks (the most common data breach method today), securing sensitive information from unauthorized database access, enforcing separation-of-duties and meeting regulatory compliance requirements. With more than 150,000 copies downloaded in 198 countries, GreenSQL is the most-used product for eliminating database vulnerabilities in the face of modern day cyber-attacks. The company, based in Tel Aviv, is backed by leading venture capital firms Jerusalem Venture Partners, Magma Venture Capital and Rhodium.