Data breaches are so widespread – Is reporting them becoming a legislative obligation?

A Columbus, Ohio lawmaker wants to ensure that the public quickly becomes aware of online security breaches.

The legislation bill, soon to be introduced, will require state agencies, businesses, and institutions to report any database security breach to the Ohio attorney general’s office if any Ohio resident’s personal information was accessed.
The bill is jointly sponsored by a Dayton, Ohio, lawmaker.

The proposal also would require that the security breach report be filed no later than 40 days following its discovery. The attorney general’s office would compile the breaches into a public, searchable database.

However, many small and medium organizations suffer from lack of visibility are not even aware that they have been breached.

If this bill is approved, organizations will be required to not only report, but also to take actions preventing these database breaches. These organizations will be required to report on the exact breach, pointing to which data was exposed.

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