From the Security threat report 2011 by Sophos

From the Security threat report 2011 by Sophos, Page 46:

“Cybercrime is encroaching more and more into the business space. Industrial espionage, spearphishing of important employees to breach network boundaries and mass theft of customer information are more diffcult to detect and have very serious consequences. At the same time, network boundaries are becoming ever more indistinct and porous as new technologies enable greater access from remote workers and mobile devices. In addition, legal requirements place greater emphasis on traceability and compliance with predefned standards of data hygiene.

Increasing amounts of sensitive data is stored, accessed and manipulated in databases connected to company websites as businesses increasingly interact with their customers through the Internet. As a result, it’s become as easy to access these databases as it is to access the main doors at corporate headquarters.

Security administrators face a constant battle to maintain usability, while preventing penetration from the outside and data loss from within. Alongside protecting network boundaries, businesses and website maintainers are under growing pressure to ensure that their web presence provides adequate protection for the users of its web services.”

As time passes, organizations realize that Web Application Firewalls (WAF) are not sufficient to secure their back end databases.

GreenSQL Express provides a free, commercial grade solution to protect MS-SQL, MySQL and PostgreSQL databases from known and unknown threats. GreenSQL Express includes:

– Database Intrusion Detection and Prevention System
– Database Firewall
– Separation of Duties
– Advanced Risk Scoring Matrix
– Database Front-end Security
– Real-time Database Protection

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